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News Stories

  • Christmas Jumper Fun!
    What a fun week in our EYFS unit.
  • Birthday treats!
    Thank you so much to Liam and Charlotte’s family for donating these fabulous books to the school library to mark their birthdays.
  • Year 1- Visit to the Mosque
    On Monday Year 1 walked to the Masjid e Saliheen Mosque in Preston.
  • Reception's Homework
    Please find this week's sound formation video's uploaded. This week we have been learning the "h & b" sound and formation.
  • Year 2 Christmas Crafts
    It’s Christmas time!
  • Year 2 RE Celebration
    It was the end of our topic, signs and symbols.
  • Year 6 - Music
    The children enjoyed a music lesson this morning with Miss Galea
  • Y6 Science
    Submarines use science to help them see underwater. They use the principles that lIght travels in straight lines, mirrors reflect light and the angle of incidence is always the same as the angle of reflection.
  • Y5 Music
    Year 5 had a bonus music lesson with Miss Galea.
  • Reception Homework
    Sorry for the delay in last week's sound formation. Honest reason: I simply forgot!!!!!
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