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  • Our Father
    Reception have been learning to share the Our Father using sign language.
  • Year 2 Reading lesson
    Reading with expression
  • Reception
    To all our parents and carers of Reception children.
  • Ks2 Christmas party
    Getting Festive
  • Zumba Christmas Showcase
    Well done to all the children who participated in the Zumba Showcase this afternoon.
  • Happy lunchtimes...
    Well done to all the children for embracing the new 'family style' seating in the dinner hall.
  • Preschool
    Our last week before the big man arrives. The children decorated a couple of ginger bread men and used their fingers to make angel cards to give to those they are thinking of at Christmas.
  • Year 5 & 6 Japan Day
    On Monday, Year 5 & 6 joined together to celebrate the end of our topic with an Japan themed morning.
  • Year 5 environmental guardians
    To bring an end to our Environmental guardians in year 5 we made some dough, the children had great fun measuring and mixing, they then used the dough to make some very interesting tree faces using natural matterials. 
  • Making a Christingle in Year 1
    Yesterday the children made a Christingle in class.
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