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  • Year 3 Iron Man Book Task Q&A
    Thank you and well done to the children who have written questions to ask the new character that has just arrived in Chapter 4.
  • Year 1 Building Bridges
    Year 1 have been working on their DT project at home. The children had been challenged to first design and then build a bridge.
  • Y2 Sewing
    Jess has been making clothes for her teddy bear. She made and cut a pattern, pinned it to some material, cut it out and hand sewed it together. She has also been tie dyeing t-shirts for her and her brother. She is wearing one of them in this picture.
  • Year 4 - Ancient Egypt
    A fantastic picture of the Pyramids from Ethan.
  • Y2 VE Day
    Aurora and her family had a lockdown VE day party.
  • Ancient Egypt - Year 4
    Jaiden has been very busy making a Pyramid out of lego.
  • Year 4 - Science
    Annabel is very proud of the piece of work she has sent me.
  • Year 4 - Ryan's story
    Ryan's story - Gotta go fast!
  • Year 4 - Parrots
    Ryan has completed some research all on his own about parrots.
  • Year 4 - Gorilla House!
    Tyler's afternoon of creativity....
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