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St Mary Magdalen's Catholic Primary School

Let the light of Jesus shine through, in all we think and say and do.

The release of the butterflies!!!

The butterflies had all appeared by Friday so they have had a weekend at Mrs Bradley's house.  They have been enjoying the sugary solution from apples, oranges, watermelon and of course the nectar from flowers.  We will be releasing them into the garden tomorrow with the help of our pre-schoolers.

This week the children have been definitely out to impress everyone with their writing, model making, problem solving and tennis skills.  Also in RE we have been learning about circles of friends and how Jesus wanted us to love one another. 

The children have taken all these photographs themselves.  They were given the instruction to use the coloured cubes and cuboids to make a picture, then then had to find their own name card and finally take a photograph.  Well done Reception, you are nearly ready to be independent learners.  Year 1 will be amazed at what you can do by yourselves!!!

Fred the 60 year old tortoise visited us this week.  The children asked lots of interesting questions that really proved they were thinking hard about their visitor. 

The children have been using the large 3D shapes this week to design a model, they were also learning the names of the shapes and their properties. 

Although the drizzle could have dampened our spirits the children just kept dancing on Tuesday.  They also met a real life rather cheeky robot!!!

Our Whole School Recycling art work project that will be presented at Dance from the Heart on Tuesday.

This week Reception have been sent some tiny caterpillars to care for.  We will be watching for changes over the next few weeks. 

During the last week the children learnt about Democracy.  We talked about using votes to make a fairer decision.  This led to thinking about a whole range of jobs and hobbies the children may have when they are older.  They all had great fun pretending to be something else for a while!!  

Sports Day practise and learning about the power of wind to help us understand that the Holy Spirit can not be seen however we can feel the power.

A brilliant day at the farm!

The children have had a very exciting day with moving our chick into his new home. Some of the other eggs have now cracked so we’re hoping for some friends to arrive tomorrow!

We have been learning about the events of Holy Week during our last week in school before the Easter break. We made our own palm leaves and waved them as our class Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey followed by the disciples. Then we looked at all the events that happened at the last supper. We finished our week with Jesus’ arrest, trial and crucifixion plus how He rose again.  We related all events to how we still celebrate all the events today along with the rolling of our Easter eggs. 

Wishing all our families a very happy Easter and we will see everyone back in school on Tuesday 23rd April when we have our Easter parade. We look forward to seeing all the Easter bonnets the children have made over the holidays. 

What a fantastic week we have had in Reception.  We have been busy preparing for our Mother's Day Cafe with our homemade shortbread and cakes.  Plus preparing the place mats and flowers and of course turning the school hall into the fabulous cafe you all visited on Wednesday morning.  Thank you so much for all you lovely comments, it was a pleasure to help the children make so many of you smile.  Please enjoy the photographs. 

Fun in the rain!!

Reception delivered an excellent Assembly, well done children. 

Our PE session this week has been with Phil Caine , our sports coach, he has been  building up the children's leg muscles to leap from two feet!!!  

The children had a great time completing the obstacle pancake race course, we finished the afternoon presenting rosettes and ordering from 1 to 30. Ask your child about the story of "Mr Wolf's Pancakes" based on a the tradional tale of " Chicken Licken" with  surprise ending. 

The children have been designing an outfit for their little Lumpty , then they tested how it protected their precious eggs. As you can see the children LOVED their investigation!

We even had a superhero PE lesson from Mrs DiFranco! 

During our PSHE sessions we have been reading the story of “Silly Billy” about a boy that worrying about everything until his grandma tells him about worry dolls.  He then shares his worries with the dolls. Thank you for the wool we’ve used to make our own worry dolls. 

Acting out the Presentation, Simeon and Anna waited a long time to meet Jesus. 




More super hero photographs

Some photographs of our Superheros, more to follow ASAP!

The children have been creating a range of fabulous Superhero fruit and vegetables!! thank you for sending them in.  Next week the children will be putting their phonics to great use when they start to write about their superhero design and of course name them!!!

Please have a look at all the learning we have been doing in the last couple of week's!! Ask your child if they can tell you about the activities, I bet you find out lots more of their days in school. 

If you were unable to attend the "Termly Toolkit" last Tuesday please ask us for your child's pack, it will only take a few minutes to explain how you can support them at home to make the best progress they possibly can.  Please catch us at the end of the day though as morning are a little hectic!!!  Thanks again for your support of their education, we really do appreciate it and it clearly helps them to believe in themselves.  

Within our technology sessions the children have been learning to direct the caterpillar.  They needed to work as a team and choose which body parts they used to ensure the caterpillar arrives in the right place once the "GO" button is pressed!! Great communicating between the groups. 

During our Expressive Arts and Design learning the children were taught how to make a pop-up card.  They thought very carefully who they made their card for.

Making ice mobiles to hopefully freeze overnight so we can hang them up and watch what happens.

More scientific thinking!!  The children enjoyed the story "The Blue Balloon" and then discovered for themselves the wonder of static electricity. 

In maths we have started to introduce different ways to tackle addition and in phonics the children are perfecting their letter formation.

Lots of skills being used in our PE sessions plus new ones being taught!! the children have been working on their balance, their core strength and everyone had a go at a forwards role! Brilliant.

After a busy week watching All Hallows roadshow, partying, singing round the tree, and  watching the lower junior carol service we still had time to design more snowmen, complete Christmas rainbow challenges and make a dinosaur home!!

Thank you all for your Christmas wishes, cards, gifts and kind words, we really do appreciate it.  We wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy 2019.  

The children had a super afternoon at their Christmas party, games, dancing and even a surprise visitor!!

Please ask you child about our cheeky elves, Roger and Gordon.  They keep asking the children to do lots of jobs.  They have been writing Christmas lists and helping to wrap and label the boxes.  They have also made Christmas crackers and Reindeer which they will bring home for Christmas.  If you don't hear from us again we wish you all a very merry Christmas. 

We have been showing the children how to create their own snowmen this week using a range of items.  I am sure you will agree at what a great job they have done.  Some of the children then chose to come and create another picture and took their own photographs too!! 

The children enjoyed their Christmas lunch fun on Friday, just look at those happy faces.

We really don't know how we got everything done this week however we did and the children are still smiling!!  We've been making the most of the weather conditions, we made ice mobiles in the cold, we still need them to freeze however we had great fun collecting things that God gave us plus a little glitter for them!!  Then the rain came so we went puddle hopping!! Not to mention writing in foam and making Christmas lists, fishing in the little ponds and far more!  We look forward to seeing you all next week for our Nativity, we aim to keep enough energy to return to school on Thursday evening for our final performance. 

The children have been having great fun this week investigating which car travels furthest down the ramp.  The children made a line and numbered it to record their information.  We have also set up a Christmas list writing station, the children have a choice of 4 letterboxes to post their requests in.  They are focusing on shape so the letter boxes indicate either a circle, square, rectangle or triangle.  They must choose the correct shaped paper to match for their list to be collected and sent on to Santa!!! More photos of the role play to follow next week. 

A week of looking at Judaism, brightening up our clay leaves, Nativity preparation, using our phonic sounds to write real words and read some and working together listening to our friends ideas.

Some of the children have been ordering numbered stones this week, yes up to 50!!  We have also been using our knowledge of sounds to write real words with the letters.  If that is not amazing enough the children have also been making precious clay leaf prints, they are now exploring colour mixing and really brightening and decorating their leaves.

We have been ordering number this week; however to really make the children understand the number system they were given the leaves out of number order and had to think hard with their group where their number should go within the number line.  Well done everyone you worked well together to solve this puzzle!

We made fireworks paintings this week after we learnt about The Gunpowder Plot.  The children used paint and stones to create their fabulous work.

Look how the children's confidence and skills are developing in their PE sessions.

Thank you to Father Michael for helping us to learn about Baptism this week.  Baby Mary was Baptised in church and then we celebrated in class with cake and juice!!

The season has inspired us once again, can you spot the robot, racing car and rocket the children have made from sticks they have collected?

We've been very busy on our first week back, from ordering numbers, making campfires, to making our string Poppy picture!

Inspired by both the beauty of Autumn colours and the work of Andy Goldsworthy the children have been creating wonderful work.

The children have been using the sounds we have learnt to start blending them and segmenting them to write and read words!!!

Mrs DiFranco has wowed us again with her creativity of a silhouette of a soldier.

We have been using our Elmer topic to make patterns and reinforce our number work by counting the cubes or berries we have covered Elmer with.

Other learning that has been  happening this week.

What time is it Mr Wolf?  The children have been learning to tell the o'clock time while having lots of fun!

Getting those little fingers working hard threading the beads whilst building all those muscles to control pencils and pens!

The children have enjoyed the stories shared with them on our recent visit from the libraries service.

More busy photographs.

This week we have been sharing our "All About Me" books with our friends.  All the books are now in our class reading area so we can choose to look at them ourselves or share with others.  Thank you for all the effort put into making the books with your children, they have really loved to share them.  Mrs Di Franco also has been busy making the most wonderful fairy house for us, thank you Mrs Di Franco.  We have also been making the best of the dry warm weather and using lots of physical development equipment outdoors.  This really helps us to build our muscles in preparation for our writing.

This week we have been thinking about ourselves and also who is precious to us.  We have been sharing our "All About Me" books as well as making the people precious to us from play dough.  We have also been carefully looking at ourselves and painting our self portraits.  We also joined in with a whole school hymn practise, well done Reception.

This week all our 30 Reception children have been having fun together.  We have also been looking at our "All About Me Books" and sharing them within our small working groups.  

Just a few photographs of our wonderful Reception children settling in.