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St Mary Magdalen's Catholic Primary School

Nurturing hearts and minds

Learning this week has also been  inspired by an African sunrise, practical number lines that we can jump up (+) or down (-) on and also shape patterns.  What busy bees Reception are!!

We're going on a Spring walk!!  Look at all the signs of Spring we found in the school garden.

We read the book Handa's Surprise as part of our topic.  This inspired us to try various fruits so we all made our own fruit kebab and enjoyed them at snack time.

Mother’s Day Cafe

A lovely start to this afternoon, a relaxing yoga session.

Busy, busy, busy


Well you will never believe how much learning have been doing this week!!!

The children have been to Mass with our Year 1 friends where we sang to the parishioners. The girls enjoyed a football game with our Mighty Mini girls to support "Let Girls Play" day.  All the children have become experts at subtracting, taking away. They have used varies resources to help them complete the number sentences, for example, sticks or number lines. 

Everyone enjoyed a break with cakes from Year 4 on Wednesday, this was to support their Lentern games fund.

We have also moved our learning in our topic by answering the question "Where in the World is hot?"  We have learnt about the Equator and the 3 continents that it runs through.  We have been also learning about the 54 countries that make up Africa and the wild animals that live there!!


All in 1 week too!!


What a busy week!!!

Pancake Fun!

Happy Holidays everyone

Well we are throughly enjoying our learning about the Artic. We have already learnt about four different types of penguins and that the Emperor Penguin is the tallest. The children have been checking if they are taller or shorter than the male penguin!! Please ask your child about how the mummy penguin feeds her chick!

Artic Chaos!

Our Chinese New Year dragon!

Here is some of the things the children have been doing this week, including celebrating Chinese New Year. 

Ask your child about their North Pole knowledge?

Igloo building and more !

Formation of "Qq"

Formation of "Zz"

Formation of "Yy"

Christmas Fun with Phil

Formation of X & x

Formation of W & w

Formation of V & v

Formation of J & j

Well this week has been the busiest yet however some things are a secret so no photos!  I can tell you thought that the children have been learning about the story behind the Menorah, ask your child why the 9th candle was a surprise?

The children worked together to make a HUGE menorah in class.  More fun to come! 

Formation of "L & l"

Formation of "F & f"

Well-being has been a great success.  The children have all made their own worry doll to share any concerns they may have, this idea has been inspired by the book "Silly Billy" by Anthony Browne.  A fantastic read for children and adults too!!  

A great Yoga session too where we all began to learn how we can calm our own bodies down, very relaxing.

We completed our "Superworm" unit in PE with a circuit session using many of the skills we have been introduced to over the past few weeks. 

Please enjoy  the photographs below to find out how your child spends their day at school.

Formation of "Bb"

Formation of "Hh"

Formation of 0 to 5

Formation of 6 to 9

Formation of R and r

Formation of U and u

Formation of E and e

Play dough disco, new lunch routines and a super smart outside area!

Formation of K and k

Formation of C and c

Formation of O and o

Baby Mary’s Baptism

Spiders and fish!

We have been busy this week reinforcing sounds, blending, and segmenting, keep up the great work over the holidays. The children have also been amazing during PE, just look at what your children are capable of.

Formation of G and g

Formation of D and d

Formation of M and m

We learnt today that the sculpture Andy Goldsworthy studies at Preston Polytechnic.  He specialises in creating pieces from natural objects.  We used all the wonderful dried leaves and autumn things to create our own pieces of art. Please be amazed at the talent of our Reception class. 

We have been making the most of the warm weather this week by enjoying our outdoor area. Ask your child about nailing the pumpkins, weaving, our fancy new tepee, setting up the longest tube they could and sending the ball down! 

This we have looked at the life of Alma Thomas and the difficulties she faced because of her African American heritage. We were inspired by her  work and made a fantastic piece of art to brighten up our classroom. 

Formation of N and n

Formation of I and i

This week’s learning

PE with Phil

What a busy week in Reception.

The tripod grip aim!

Warming up for writing.

Understanding letter names and the sounds they make.

Writing in Flour!

Formation of S and s

Formation of A and a

Formation of T and t

Formation of P and p

Formation of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

Formation of 6, 7, 8 and 9

We have been looking at the Seasons this week in class and focusing on Autumn.  Please enjoy some of their learning this week.

To help build the muscles in the children's hands we have been using play dough. Rolling out and pushing in the cutter takes a lot of strength. 

All the children have been on the balance bikes today.

Welcome to Reception!!!

 Dear Parents,

 We would like to offer you and your child a very warm welcome to Reception.  The purpose of this letter is to give you information about our class.

 Staff: Mrs Bradley, Mrs Hibbert, Miss Hunter & Becky

Water bottles

Please send in a water bottle for your child which is clearly labelled. We will send water bottles home every day to be washed and they should be returned each morning with fresh water.

Please do not send juice into school as when there is a spillage it is very difficult to clean up.

 Names in Clothing

Can you please ensure that your child’s name is in each item of clothing, particularly P.E. kits, uniforms, shoes and coats, to help alleviate the problem of lost property.

 Reading at Home

Your child will have brought home a story sack with an explanation letter.  Please return the story sack on the day stated on the letter.  This is different for each group.  If the sack is forgotten or handed in on a day different day then their new story sack will come home on their arranged day.

A reading pack and record sheet will be coming home soon.  The pack will contain three books of your child’s choice, the children are not expected to read these books by themselves however the purpose is to enjoy and love books with others.  These packs will need to be returned each Wednesday, please encourage your child to put their pack in the box that will be left outside.  Throughout the day your child will choose another three books to bring home.  Often the children choose the same book, this is fine and should be enjoyed even when shared for the 100th time!!!!.

Children will need to bring their book bag into school each day.

Once we have started the formal teaching of phonics, which is the learning process to read and write, I will inform you further how you can support at home.


For Health and Safety reasons, NO jewellery is allowed to be worn in school, with the exception of single ear studs.  If worn, these must be removed by the child for all P.E. and games lessons. Under no circumstances are any other designs of earrings allowed because of the dangers posed when playing outside with other children. 

Administration of Medicines

If your child has a medical condition that requires regular or occasional treatment during school hours, please ensure that we are told about the requirements.  Contact the school office who will advise about completing a medical form on- line. Prescribed medicines can only be administered if an up to date form is completed.


Reception will take part in P.E. lessons each week. Our PE days are Tuesday and Friday. The children need to come to school wearing their PE uniform on these days.

Speaking to the Teacher

Mrs Bradley is usually greeting the children in at the start of the day, as you can imagine this is a busy time however if you have an important message about that day please pass on to her or the staff member on duty.  Mrs Bradley and members of the EYFS team are available for messages at the end of the day once all the children have been collected.  These times are for passing on messages. If a longer discussion is needed, then please contact the school office to arrange an appointment.

Teams will be used by the EYFS team to pass on information about class or school.

If your child is going to be absent then you must contact the school office and not the class teacher.

Many thanks for your support,  Mrs Bradley

Making friendships.

Our wonderful self-portraits.

The reception class children did an amazing job during P.E today, we had to climb under, over and through, as well as hop and jump, great work everyone

YR meet their Y6 Buddies

Welcome Reception!!

A HUGE welcome to our Reception class of 2022.  It is hard to believe that the children have not been in school for a full week yet!! 

This week they have coped with so much; using the hall as a classroom, the limited outdoor space, remembering their group name, meeting new friends and grown-ups, a wet playtime, eating in the hall not to mention noisy pipes in the toilets and lots lots more!!!!

I am so proud to be their class teacher.  Please enjoy the photographs of our youngest children taken during their first few days in school. 

Mrs Bradley

Busy time!

Just look at our Reception's VERY happy faces!!