Mrs Dowson's farm

Zumba fun! 

This afternoon we have been thinking about our Reception friendship circle and how it can be broken. We learnt Jesus’ New Rule he gave the disciples when he said to “love one another”  

Thank you to everyone for all the facts brought in last week. 

A brilliant Sports Day has been enjoyed by all. 

Reception are having a great week of sporting events, yesterday the children loved their goal scoring challenges.  Well done everyone. 

Getting ready for sports day!

Our first Zumba lesson with Louise, the children LOVED it. 

Well our Ducks have loved their mini pond!

Well Done Reception, your amazing athletes with a fabulous attitude to your fellow players.  As a class the children scored 58 goals which is brilliant.  We had two leading goal scorers that scored 5 out of 5 goals, Ivy and Oliver.  Oliver became our overall goal scorer with 6 out of 6 goals.

All the children had great fun. 

Our Road Safety Reception Experts!

Rise and shine jog!

Cuddles with Reception!! 

formation of "z"

We have been revisiting our subtracting skills this week plus problem solving with our friends.

formation of "y"

A busy afternoon of “curling” and an introduction into our first session of Road Safety on Wednesday. 

Reception have been busy making 3 D shapes. They have been looking at the properties of cylinders, sphere, pyramids and cubes to make their own 3 D shapes.  

Reception have found a box in the garden with "help" written on it today!!  What could it be??

A box of eggs, but who has left them?? A snake, spider, dinosaur??? We just don't know. 

We have talked about all the things we need to care for the eggs so they hopefully will hatch and we can find out what's inside.  Watch this space for updates!!

Reception had some time in the garden this morning looking for signs of "New Life."   The children definitely had their careful looking eyes on today as they found lots of things that showed them that the Springtime is definitely here!

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formation of "x"

Thank you so much to Esme and her family for sending in the sunflower seeds all bagged up and labelled ready to go home tonight. It really is appreciated. The children are all very excited to plant their seeds over the holidays and watch them grow. I wonder who will grow a sunflower taller than them? 

Palm Sunday in reception

Easter Egg Hunt and fun in the garden

Our fun learning from week beginning 22nd March

Formation of “W”

Formation of “v”

Formation of “j”

Together again!

formation of "l"

Formation of "f"

Reception Class

Due to Lockdown and schools currently being closed to most pupils, curriculum provision has been adapted to suit remote learning.  Each week, class teachers produce an overview to inform parents directly about the curriculum and resources for the week ahead and this mirrors what the pupils in school are covering.

formation of "h"

formation of "r"

formation of "u"

Formation of “e”

Formation of “k”

Year R Christmas Lunch

Year R enjoyed their first Christmas lunch in school with their friends today.

We hope that you enjoy looking through the photographs.

Formation of “c”

Formation of “o”

The children have helped to decorate our classroom, now we are in Advent. We have been learning our Christmas poem, which you will all get to see soon.

PE with Mrs Di Franco

Year R Orienteering

We have been practising our subtraction, using 3D shape to create structures, and following maps in our orienteering challenge. A fantastic week in Reception class. 

Formation of “G”

formation of "d"

We have had a lovely time collecting leaves and other natural materials to create our Andy Goldsworthy inspired hedgehog, and camp fire. The children have amazed us with there addition skill, using the terms plus, more and add. This week we are working on our 2D and 3D shapes, help the children find these shapes whilst you are out and about.

formation of "m"

Formation of "N"

Formation of “i”

Well what a great final week to our first half term. On Tuesday we re-enacted a baptism for our class bears, Bradley and Cuddles. We had parents, godparents, priests and friends and family celebrating the occasion. We didn’t forget the celebration cake either. Thank you for all the photos to support our “Welcome” topic. 
Today we have celebrated “Brighten up “ day. The children were incredibly kind when they were thinking about how to brighten up someone else’s life. 
Have a great half term holiday everyone.

formation of "p"

At the start of the week the children learnt about Sir David Attenborough's campaign to involve younger children to become aware of how we can care for our wonderful world.  We chatted about how they could help by letting others know the damage the world is suffering.  We read a story set in Antarctica and how the penguins that live there could be affected by global warming. We enhanced their learning by creating a frozen world in our small world play. The penguins had lots of fun until their world melted!! 

All the children have been showing off their football dribbling skills.  I was really proud of how the children encouraged each other.  They even helped one another to measure the cones as they required to be 1m apart.  Reception have also been improving their core strength by balancing on different surfaces.

Some of the children have been using cubes to measure one another this week!! Great team work was seen as friendships continue to develop.

As part of our RE topic of “welcome” the children have each made a flag to create the wonderful bunting displayed in Reception outdoor area. Thank you Mrs Hibbert for all your sewing.

Formation of "t"

The children learned about Mrs Hibbert’s weekend adventure at the indoor sky centre this week.  They listened with amazement at how Mrs Hibbert had “flown” through the air and asked some interesting questions.  

Thank you to everyone for supporting today's Macmillian event.  As you can see from the photographs all the children enjoyed our afternoon treats very much !! 

This week the children have had a great time learning. Look at their happy faces. 

Formation of "A"

Formation of "S and s"

 Jolly Phonics Interactive Sounds .exeDownload
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Please find below a collection of short videos that will help to support your child's writing of the sounds we are learning in class.  Each week I will upload the sound we have been focusing on during that week.  Please watch the introduction videos below first though to ensure you are offering the same mirrored learning we do at school as there are many different writing formations we really do not want to confuse the children.

1. Froggy Fingers

2. Tripod Grip

3. Warming Up!

4. Letter Names and Sounds

5. Flour, Sand, Glitter!

6. Weekly Homework

Reception have been enjoying European Sports Day and Personal, Social and Emotional Development by learning how a healthy body assist a healthy mind.  We started the day with a "Wake Up and Shake Up" session, we then enjoyed a PE session with Mrs DiFranco and a Yoga session in class to understand how to calm and control our bodies.  Well Done Reception.

Reception are having a great time with Phil, our sports coach this afternoon. Ask them to show you how they can make themselves into a cheetah, or a giraffe, or a rabbit or even a bird. 

We have using mirrors to help us look carefully at our faces so we can accurately paint our self portraits. 

When we are in our phonics sessions we have to listen really well, some of the children got to wear our BIG listening ears!

Leah brought a cricket she had found for everyone to look at. We used the magnifying glasses so we could see it much clearer. 

We have been using our playground trolley to help make all our muscles strong. Having strong cores helps us to sit up straight when we are learning during whole class carpet time. 

The children have been sharing their “All About Me” with their friends in their group.  It was lovely to hear them tell one another about their special times and places. 

Lots of number work to help us understand the value and place of number and where each number lies on the number lines. 

This week in Reception the children have been getting to know each other.  They have been learning about one another in small groups using their "All About Me Books."  They have been learning all the routines we have in Reception to keep them all safe and happy and of course building their friendships.  What a great week we have all had. Please check in your child's bag tonight as they all will be coming home with their own certificate to congratulate them on a their first full week in school.

Today the two groups met together for lunchtime and a playtime afterwards. I am sure everyone will agree the children look very relaxed in their new surroundings.