In our maths we have been matching objects to numbers and also looking at length. 

It has been a PSHE day in class today and the children have been learning how to keep healthy. They have been using their strong muscles and building their cores to create balances. 

This week the children have been using tweezers to delve in jelly and find as many spiders, goggly eyes and monsters as they can.  They then recorded their own results on the outdoor whiteboard.  Some of the children have been ordering numbered boxes and knocking them down!

We have thought about why we celebrate with fireworks and made wonderful pictures with chalk and painting.

The children have come back to school refreshed and raring to learn! 

CAFODS brighten up day in Reception! 

Well done Reception , you have created fantastic Autumn Art pictures this week with all the leaves and sticks you created. We used the work of Andy Goldsworthy to inspire our art.

Thank you Father Roy for performing a class Baptism for our Baby Mary. We learnt so much about the meaning of Baprism. We celebrated with cake and a drink this afternoon. 

As many of you will have seen last night, yesterday the children had a great time creating models out of junk, we had some fantastic robots, wonderful work reception. 

 So the children have all been photographed ready to start their Rainbow Challenges next week. Your child will be collecting different coloured lolly sticks in exchange for completed tasks they are set. Please ask your child about their Rainbow Challenges next week when all will be revealed to them!

 Lots of busy work has been done this week. For those "eagle eyed" grown ups yes we are making Chiristmas cards in September! The Christmas painting will be sent home in a while enabling you the opportunity to have  your child's work made into a printed Christmas card, mug or other choice.

This morning our year 6 buddies visited us in our classroom and we shared our “all about me” books. It was really lovely to see our oldest children in school looking after our youngest children. 



Reception have been observing themselves carefully in the mirrors to create these accurate self portraits. 

After only a week together all our reception children are the best of friends.  We are so proud how they are coming in on their own, finding the correct bag box for their group and practising the skills they are learning in class.  We are all very excited about the year ahead of us!

All our Reception children are together. We are so proud of them and their excellent table manners. Please look in your child’s bag for their 1st week certificate and celebrate their success. 

Reception are settling in wonderfully and making lots of new friends.