formation of "n"

formation of "i"

Please enjoy these photos of the children's learning from recent week's learning.  Please encourage your child to tell you about their own learning using the pictures.  Even if they are not on the photo they are likely to have completed a similar activity. 

Formation of p

Our amazing reception gymnasts

Formation of “t”

Formation of “a”

Jumping in the rain

formation of "s"

number formation 0-5

number formation 6-9

So what are "froggy fingers?" Please have a look at the following videos to help your child at home with their writing.  We have been learning about the "s" sound over the last couple of weeks as well as forming all the 1-digit numbers. To support your child's learning please encourage them to practise this and their number formation at home, many thanks.

froggy fingers

Tripod Grip

warming up

letter names and sounds

flour, sand and glitter!

Please look at our updated photographs of both our inside and outside Reception classroom.  Ask your child where they like to learn best.  I am sure they will have told you about our Rocket Point system too.  I am sure these photographs will encourage your child to tell you all about their learning areas.

A busy week of number writing in Reception.  We have learnt that we need to make a space between each number or we will make another type of number, a 2 digit or 3 or 4 digit one. Totally taken aback by our number writing Reception children!!!

We had put some runner beans on our outside nature table, that were grown by last years Reception children. The children soon discovered that inside were some beans, the children wanted to put them in water so we used plastic beakers and cotton wool to watch the beans and find out what happens next.  The beans began to sprout some roots.  We have now removed them from the plastic beakers and planted them in a bowl with soil so we are able to see what happens to them now.  Already they have started to push up and out of the soil!!!  Great investigating by our wonderful Reception.

We have made the most  of the dry day and been using the balance beams and bikes improving our core strength. 
also Mrs Gallagher awarded a Head Teacher award to someone in our class today for being a helpful caring friend yesterday. 

Lots of number work happening in Reception today!

Amazing self-portraits Reception and great label writing too. 

Year 6 and Reception met up today so that Reception could share their "All About Me" books with their buddies.  Of course Year 6 couldn't resist a little play in the Reception area too!!  Thank you to all the Year 6 children as they have been amazing with our Reception children, showing their maturity and caring sides. 

A busy week in Reception, lots of independent learning and fun happening! 

The children met their Year 6 Buddies today and enjoyed some playtime fun with them. The role of the Year 6 buddy is to look out for our Reception children. We will meet up again for Reception to share their “All About Me” books. Our Buddy system is another way that shows our school to be the caring school family that it is. 

Welcome to Reception's class page.  I will update photographs to here to assist your child in remembering what they have been doing in school as I find with most children when they are asked the reply is "nothing and they've played with no-one!"  I can tell you each day they are very busy and hopefully with the photograph prompts they will be able to tell you much more.


The pictures below are taken from our visit to our "secret garden."  The children did lots of exploring and as you can see found many interesting finds! We had our snack on the log seating and enjoyed a book we have been looking at.  Please ask your child about "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?"  You can find it on Utube too and I am sure your child will help you learn it.  We then used the format of the book to tell others what we had seen.