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St Mary Magdalen's Catholic Primary School

Nurturing hearts and minds

What a fabulous day we have had a Windmill Farm today with our friends from Year 1.

Please do have a look at all the photographs as I have put them into sections.

Critters and around the farm!

Feeding the lambs.

The train trip.

The outdoor play area.


This crazy week!

Jubilee Party

Reception Sports Day

We had a great time in the Year 1 class and playing with the Year 1 children. They spent time talking to us and telling us what it is like to be in Year 1.

We have met the gorgeous chicks this afternoon and learnt about the changes they have made in just five days of hatching!!

The children have investigated plants this afternoon, looking at the roots, worms and insects. 

Andy came into school today and worked with every class in school.  He was very impressed with Reception's skills and taught us some basic cricket moves!!  We will have the first Reception team ever in no time at all!!! 

Please ask your child about our experiment on Anne and Ben!!  We stuck them on sticks and put them in a foil bowl then in direct sunshine!!!  I hope they can tell you what we were trying to find out!

The garden is a peaceful area of school, some of the children used the time to be creative and draw their observations.

As parents you will know that it is not always easy for children to follow instructions.  However when it comes to listening carefully and making the best paper plane the children all excelled!!

We have been using our cutting skills to cut out different animals we might see on a jungle trip.  We then used a torch, as the sun didn't come out for us on that day, to make a puppet show.  

The children have been focusing on taking away in their maths lessons this week.  They have done this practically using objects, number lines or even writing the number sentence!!  Fabulous work Reception. 

The children have been working with money this week.  They have been looking at different ways to make up 2-digit numbers using 1p coins!! They have certainly impressed us all with their understanding of the make up of number!! Brilliant work Reception.

Photographs taken from our garden visit.  It started off as search for the escaped Evil Pea and doubled up as thinking how we could bring colour to our outdoor area.  Some of he children have planted sunflower seeds, we have brought the pots back to our outdoor area and two children will be asked each day to care for the pots.  

Well its has been a VERY busy start to our final term in Reception!  On Tuesday we found six eggs with a note asking us to help. After whole class thinking we decided we needed to keep them warm and rolled regularly.  The children said I would break them if I sat on them!!  They are now safely in an incubator and we are checking them each day and counting down  until they hatch.

On Wednesday we read the story of Supertato and then found him frozen in a BIG ice block! More class thinking on how we could safely thaw him.  

Today we found the Evil Pea frozen however we thought about how we might keep him frozen for as long as possible so we didn't have chaos!!!  The children were really inspired, even making "claw hands" to safely catch the Evil Pea with!!

Please look at the photographs with your child and I am sure you will learn lots about their day and the adventures of Supertato and the Evil Pea.

Today we have been learning about the events around the Last Supper.  We began by washing our "mini" disciples feet!  Then we enjoyed our last supper, some children played the part of the disciples, we had our own Jesus, some soldiers and the rest of the children represented the church congregation. 

Judas was so in role he has taken home a piece of the silver as a memento of his acting debut today!

We have left our learning today with Jesus being taken by the soldiers from the garden of Gethsemane.

This week we will be learning about Holy Week.  Today we started with the events that lead us to now celebrate Palm Sunday.  Well done Reception for a fantastic re-enactment of your learning.

Jesus rides on a donkey into Jerusalem with his 12 disciples following.

The leaders were worried "lets get rid of him."

The crowds shouted "Hosanna."

The donkey carries Jesus into Jerusalem.

Well done Reception, you were wonderful café hosts.  Enjoy Mother's Day everyone.

Dave from the Sport's Partnership came into school today and commented on the skills of all our Reception children, he was VERY impressed!!

I was also proud of the children, they listened to what Dave asked them to do and then had a go. A fantastic Racket sports lesson.

The children have all been thinking about jobs that need people to wear special clothing to keep them  safe.  They designed, in very small groups, clothing for their Little Lumpty Egg.  We have tested out that clothing by taking Lumpty up the high wall, just like in the book, however there was no blanket to catch Lumpty this time, just a hard floor to land upon.  We had great fun checking if the Lumpty's survived their fall or if they were more like Humpty Dumpty and couldn't be put together again!! 

Even Bradley Bear and Cuddles have become masked Superhero's today!!

Superhero madness today!! LOVING our World Book Day in Reception.

All the children will be bringing home a small world book day book to keep too!!!!

Our pancake day fun was just brilliant!!

Formation of "Vv"

Formation of "Jj"

This afternoon we had our first whole school assembly. One of the Queen's Deputy Lieutenant; Steve Finnigan came into school to tell us about his role of helping the Queen with the “Green Canopy” during her Platinum Jubilee. Four children from each class were selected to assist in the Oak Tree planting.  

Formation of "Ll"

Formation of "Ff"

Formation of "Bb"

Formation of "Hh"

We have been learning to tell the time this morning; focus on the O”Clock.  We made sure our minute hand, the longer one, was on the 12 and the shorter hand is pointing directly at the number. We also played “ What’s the time Mr Wolf” to reinforce their knowledge. 

Formation of "Uu"

Formation of "Ee"

Formation of "Rr"

Formation of "Ee"

Below are the skills we will be encouraging over the first of the Spring term.  The areas are highlighted that will be are main teaching.  We will begin by using our environment to develop these skills and then follow the children's interests.

Reception have been decorating twigs today with different colours of wool.  We are going to use them to brighten up our outdoor area. 

We have had a visit from Claire the dentist this week. The children really surprised her with their excellent knowledge of oral care.  Some of the older children were able to have their teeth checked and they all passed with BIG smiles.

Welcome back everyone.  we are now in the Spring term however it certainly doesn't feel very spring like this week.  We have started our Religious Education unit wit a visit to church where we met Father Roy.  He showed us many features of the church, for example the Alter, the Lectern, the Font and the pews.  

We have also been looking at "Celebrations" such as New Year, Thanks Giving, Christmas we will focusing this learning on more Catholic celebrations in the coming weeks.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a healthy new year.  Thank you to everyone for their kind wishes, cards and gifts.  We hope everyone has a restful holiday and we look forward to seeing you in 2022.

Formation of "Cc"

Formation of "Oo"

A message from Santa and a selection box for everyone.

A film and popcorn to complete our party day

Can it get any better?? Hot Chocolate!!

Calming down with Christmas yoga!

An exciting Christmas dinner with crackers has been enjoyed by Reception.

Party Games and Christmas fun has been had by all, especially the staff!!

Our Christmas Party Breakfast was a great success!

Formation of "Gg"

Formation of "Dd"

Formation of "Mm"

The children have definitely been getting into the Winter spirit this week and have been matching scarves, gloves and hats for their snowmen.  They then found their names and took their own photos to put on the website!! We have also been learning how to press the button gently so as not to take hundreds of photographs at once plus not getting too close to the subject!!!  Well done Reception. 

Reception's Snowmen

Reception get busy!

formation of "n"

formation of "i"

Converting media.
(Media will continue converting in the background)

Please enjoy these photos of the children's learning from recent week's learning.  Please encourage your child to tell you about their own learning using the pictures.  Even if they are not on the photo they are likely to have completed a similar activity. 

Formation of p

Our amazing reception gymnasts

Formation of “t”

Formation of “a”

Jumping in the rain

formation of "s"

number formation 0-5

number formation 6-9

So what are "froggy fingers?" Please have a look at the following videos to help your child at home with their writing.  We have been learning about the "s" sound over the last couple of weeks as well as forming all the 1-digit numbers. To support your child's learning please encourage them to practise this and their number formation at home, many thanks.

froggy fingers

Tripod Grip

warming up

letter names and sounds

flour, sand and glitter!

Please look at our updated photographs of both our inside and outside Reception classroom.  Ask your child where they like to learn best.  I am sure they will have told you about our Rocket Point system too.  I am sure these photographs will encourage your child to tell you all about their learning areas.

A busy week of number writing in Reception.  We have learnt that we need to make a space between each number or we will make another type of number, a 2 digit or 3 or 4 digit one. Totally taken aback by our number writing Reception children!!!

We had put some runner beans on our outside nature table, that were grown by last years Reception children. The children soon discovered that inside were some beans, the children wanted to put them in water so we used plastic beakers and cotton wool to watch the beans and find out what happens next.  The beans began to sprout some roots.  We have now removed them from the plastic beakers and planted them in a bowl with soil so we are able to see what happens to them now.  Already they have started to push up and out of the soil!!!  Great investigating by our wonderful Reception.

We have made the most  of the dry day and been using the balance beams and bikes improving our core strength. 
also Mrs Gallagher awarded a Head Teacher award to someone in our class today for being a helpful caring friend yesterday. 

Lots of number work happening in Reception today!

Amazing self-portraits Reception and great label writing too. 

Year 6 and Reception met up today so that Reception could share their "All About Me" books with their buddies.  Of course Year 6 couldn't resist a little play in the Reception area too!!  Thank you to all the Year 6 children as they have been amazing with our Reception children, showing their maturity and caring sides. 

A busy week in Reception, lots of independent learning and fun happening! 

The children met their Year 6 Buddies today and enjoyed some playtime fun with them. The role of the Year 6 buddy is to look out for our Reception children. We will meet up again for Reception to share their “All About Me” books. Our Buddy system is another way that shows our school to be the caring school family that it is. 

Welcome to Reception's class page.  I will update photographs to here to assist your child in remembering what they have been doing in school as I find with most children when they are asked the reply is "nothing and they've played with no-one!"  I can tell you each day they are very busy and hopefully with the photograph prompts they will be able to tell you much more.


The pictures below are taken from our visit to our "secret garden."  The children did lots of exploring and as you can see found many interesting finds! We had our snack on the log seating and enjoyed a book we have been looking at.  Please ask your child about "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?"  You can find it on Utube too and I am sure your child will help you learn it.  We then used the format of the book to tell others what we had seen.