WOW!! Niamh has been very buy making her very own pizza from scratch!! It looks like Niamh has enjoyed eating it just as much as she has had making it!! Well done Niamh from Mrs Bradley.

Alan is doing his homework -spirals!!

Wow Alan! I am sure everyone is as super impressed as I am with your map of the farm inspired by “What the Ladybird heard.”  It really is fantastic; you have certainly worked very hard on making that map Alan, a HUGE well done from Mrs Bradley.

This is a photograph of Jake's thank you card for the ladybird from the farmer :) he enjoyed making the card & decorating it x 

It’s brilliant Jake and your big smile shows us all how proud you feel, thanks Jake for sharing your photo, Mrs Bradley.

Angus has been doing a bug hunt today.  He wanted to share with everyone his brilliant drawings and his fabulous writing that he did all by himself!!  Angus really enjoyed this activity and I am sure everyone will agree that’s it is very impressive drawing and writing.  Thanks Angus for sharing with us all, Mrs Bradley.

A lovely photograph of Leo's big brother Max helping him with his home schooling.  Brilliant.

Henry has been enjoying the nice weather and been doing lots of activities every day. He’s currently trying to ride his bike without stabilisers, making a worm hotel yesterday and climbed some trees

Oscar's family would like to thank Mrs Hibbert for the suggestion of making their own rocket point chart.  Today Oscar completed the coins challenge on Sumdog and earned himself a rocket point!! Brilliant Oscar, well done.

Amelia has been making  a  white chocolate and biscoff cheesecake, her family are looking forward to a piece of it after their tea. It looks delicious Amelia.

I would very much like to be tasting it too, from Mrs Bradley. 

Abigail has been preparing for tomorrow’s VE day 75th celebration bank holiday and learning about the United Kingdom.  She has also been enjoying an introduction to money.

Hi everyone! Poppy says hello and misses everyone and can’t wait to see you all! She’s been busy practising her gymnastics in the sun :) Last week she made some pink playdough which she enjoyed lots, we also made a big clock to help her with learning the time and she’s really enjoying playing with it. We go for big walks every day and sometimes take the neighbour’s dog ‘Odin’ with us :)

Annabel and her mum have made a learning word snakes and ladders game to make learning words more fun, it does seem to work. Thought we would share it with you. 

Amelia has been growing unusual vegetables from seed, we have  yellow courgettes, purple carrots, red brussel sprouts and multi coloured chard. Amelia noticed that her plants kept moving to face the sun every morning. So we had a little lesson on photosynthesis. 

The competition at Leo’s house is close with the sunflowers. Leo and his family are going to re pot them!! Leo has also been busy with his cutting skills, he has been cutting out shapes.

Hi everyone I hope you all keeping well. Alan made some butter cookies with chocolate from melted Easter eggs. Yummy

Hello from Leo, Max and I are having a competition where we are growing sunflowers from seeds. Keep safe everyone xx


Thanks to Sharlene Swindlehurst for sending us a message from Leo.

"Hello from Leo, 

I have learnt to ride my bike without stabilizers and I have made a cake with my brother Max. I'm really missing all my friends xxxx"

Thank you Charlotte Morville for sending these photographs of Henry, they made my day much brighter!!  Please, Please, brighten up ours days and send more photos of our amazing Reception children.

"Here’s a couple more photos for you all, Henry has become quite attached to this particular ‘lucky hat’ as he says: "it’s keeping the germs away!"  As for the picture of him sitting in the plastic boxes well....... that’s lockdown for you, I think we’re all going a little crazy, haha!!"

Stephen Harrison has kindly shared this photo collage of Jessica, thank you very much.

"Jessica is missing all her school friends! She has been doing lots of crafts and having nice walks and hope's everyone else is having a lovely time too! x"

Many thanks to Shelley Bamber for letting us know how Annabel is getting on.

"Annabel and her brother planted a potato and watered the flowers, we have made biscuits a few times and a pizza . 

Annabel found it warm on a couple of days and decided she did not want to go out on the garden , but once the rain came - she couldn’t wait to get out!  We had an Easter egg hunt also.  Annabel says hello to all her class friends and teachers and misses you all x"

Thank you Charlotte Pickering for sharing this very excited photograph of Henry.

"Henry was so pleased with what the Easter bunny had hidden. He followed the clues and found all his treats xx"

Thank you Stephanie Andjelkovich for keeping us up to date with Oscar

"Oscar with the help of his brother and sister built a box fort and spent a lot of time hiding in there."

Thank you Leanne Baldwin for letting us know how Raphael is keeping busy.

"Hiya everybody, Raphael has also been kept busy and is missing all his classmates & teachers. He built & painted a rocket out of cardboard and has been doing Joe Wicks PE classes. He wrote messages to support our NHS on our driveway and he's also learnt to ride his bike without stabilizers!

Take care & see you all soon x"

Thank you Rebecca Christopher for keeping us up to date with Louca.

"A few pics of Louca keeping busy in his reading corner, writing on his new chalkboard, baking, drawing and colouring, making Robots, creating a family off eggs and going on walks with his brother to keep fit."

Thank you to  Babelyn Babiera for updates on Juliana

"Juliana is missing everybody in school.  She wants to tell everybody to keep safe. 1st pic is with momy when we had our walking exercise,2nd pic was when she and momy did some gardening,3rd pic was when she and her momy played dressing  up,4th was just one of her study time at home,5th one was making sentences describing the picture and the last one, she made a rainbow which she posted on our window for all the nhs workers xxx love from Juliana "

Hi everyone, I would also like to share with you how I have been keeping busy.  My cousin decided to set our wider family challenges of how we could entertain everyone with Glow Sticks!!  I decorated my garden with flowers, butterflies, a fountain and of course a pair of glasses for my Mother's Day Elephant plant pot!! They really brightened up our garden, especially when it got dark!!  Please keep your photographs coming.  I know Reception will love to see what their friends are doing and also share their own adventures while we can not be all together.  Missing you all, from Mrs Bradley xxx

Thank you Nicole Cuming for sharing with us how Jake has been keeping busy.

"Hi here is a couple of pics of Jake from Easter with Peter Rabbit & OK a spring scavenger hunt ;)  He is missing his friends & teachers very much!"


Thank you Lindsey Clarke for letting us know how Angus has been busy.

"Angus has been keeping very busy, we have put this together for you which shows his PE with Joe Wicks, baking, board games, swinging, playing with his boomerang, climbing trees and his Easter egg hunt. Today he built a bugs house with his sisters but I have no photos of that yet.  This is without all the purple mash and Sumdog! He is missing all of you very much though."

Thank you Rebekah Halton for letting us know how Sadie is keeping busy.

"Sadie is missing her class mates so much! She has been keeping busy making things. This is Robo Dog, he’s settling in well but Trixie the dog isn’t too sure.

Sadie also drew a big rainbow with chalk to recognise all the key workers and to make people smile as they walk past the house."

Thank you Luke Bolton for letting us know how Poppy is keeping busy.

"Here’s a few pictures of what I’ve been doing since we’ve been in ‘Lockdown 2020’. You can share them on the website if you like. I enjoyed seeing pictures of my friends when me and daddy were looking at it earlier.

There is a picture of me making some rainbow pictures for my friends and neighbours.  Also a picture of me & my brother Otis playing on the Elsa map with some of the figures and toys.  I have also been on my scooter with my bunny attached to it and with my Cinderella dress on"

Thank you Laura Chippendale for letting us know how Autumn is keeping busy.

"We have been doing lots of fun crafts over the past few weeks. On Sunday, besides hunting for eggs and eating lots of chocolates...Autumn made this beautiful Easter wreath."

Hi everyone, thank you to Clare Rafferty for sending me the photograph of Amelia practising her under arm throws after watching Phil from PJ sports. Don't forget please email me your photographs and I will share them on our class page.  It is so nice to see how our friends are keeping busy.  Mrs Bradley.

Reception enjoying the dry weather while working together and building up their muscles!

Thank you to the fantastic children in Reception that held an amazing Mother’s Day Cafe for their grown ups. They have made and decorated cakes and shortbread.  Painting strawberries with chocolate took a look of skill. The flowers, placemats and aprons they created just added those finishing touches to a very successful cafe. 

We are all having a fantastic day celebrating words and books in Reception. 

The children enjoyed our “Pancake Cafe” today! 

We had a great time flipping pancakes, and giving out our rosettes for the order in which we finished. 

A perfect end to our Superhero topic. A mission in PE to rescue both Bradley and Cuddles bears. The children had to use all their Superhero skills to jump over building, crawl through laser beams, balance on beams, wriggle through fire and lots more!

Our Superheros defying gravity!

Our Superhero day has been jam-packed with lots of activities!!!  All the children had an opportunity to try them all.  I am sure all your Superhero's will sleep well tonight!!

The crazy wind whips our Superheros up into a frenzy!!

A call from the Superhero base sends all our Superhero's flying through the air over the city to restore peace to our world again.

Supertato and the Evil Pea meet, but who is the giant masher going to mash today??

Making Superhero armbands to activate the super powers.

Braving the weather to complete their Superhero training.

Let our  Supero day begin! 

Our children in Reception had a very creative day yesterday making their own superhero from fruit or vegetables. We will be writing about our superhero powers next week. There is much excitement too for our Reception Superhero dressing up day on Tuesday 11th February.

Watch the children independently retelling the Our Father using sign language. 

Lots of maths work has been going on this week. The children have been using sticks to add two groups together and then recording their number sentence in their books. In our classroom some children have been ordering the alphabet while others have been sorting objects according to the initial sounds.

We visited Father Roy in church on Wednesday. He told us about parts of the church that are used to celebrate events.  We learnt so much, thank you Father Roy. 

It is Top Table day. Ava and Jake were selected to sit on top table due to their good manners, they both chose a friend to join them. 

The children have really enjoyed the first week of our Superhero topic. They have been using their own Superhero powers in our PE lesson by developing new skills and strength.  They have been completing Superheros using play dough and then taking their own photographs using the IPad.

In our Collective Worship the children have been learning the Our Father using sign language. Ask to your child to share with you what we have learnt so far. 

We have started our new RE topic this week, Celebrating. We have been finding out about lots of reasons to celebrate and have been enjoying party games, making play dough cakes and sharing a  Piñata. Next week we will be visiting church to find out about how Celebrations happen within the church.

Happy New Year all,  I hope you have had an enjoyable break with your children.  Please ensure they bring their full PE kit back with them for Wednesday's PE lesson ensuring that pumps still fit those growing feet!!

I will attach the expected learning for this half term.  We will start our superhero topic, time ran out last term and this is such a fantastic topic for the children we did not want to rush it.  Just a warning !! we plan a dressing up super hero in day in a few weeks!! Children can dress as their favourite hero or even make up their own.  Details as soon as I know when it will fit in. 


Well  done to Poppy who was chosen to be on today's top table. Poppy chose Jessica to be her friend on top table.  

Thank you for all the donations towards our Class CAFOD fund. We voted today and have used our £68 to make a BIG difference to others lives.  Please ask your child what we chose, there are a few picture clues to jog and sleepy memories!!! 

The children throughly enjoyed having the staff wait on them today with their lovely Christmas dinner. The hall a super party atmosphere. 

All the children looked great in their Christmas outfits. 

Well done to our top table winners, Amelia and Louca. Their golden tickets were chosen out of the box and so they got to eat their dinner with the luxuries you can see on the photographs. 

In our maths we have been matching objects to numbers and also looking at length. 

It has been a PSHE day in class today and the children have been learning how to keep healthy. They have been using their strong muscles and building their cores to create balances. 

This week the children have been using tweezers to delve in jelly and find as many spiders, goggly eyes and monsters as they can.  They then recorded their own results on the outdoor whiteboard.  Some of the children have been ordering numbered boxes and knocking them down!

We have thought about why we celebrate with fireworks and made wonderful pictures with chalk and painting.

The children have come back to school refreshed and raring to learn! 

CAFODS brighten up day in Reception! 

Well done Reception , you have created fantastic Autumn Art pictures this week with all the leaves and sticks you created. We used the work of Andy Goldsworthy to inspire our art.

Thank you Father Roy for performing a class Baptism for our Baby Mary. We learnt so much about the meaning of Baprism. We celebrated with cake and a drink this afternoon. 

As many of you will have seen last night, yesterday the children had a great time creating models out of junk, we had some fantastic robots, wonderful work reception. 

 So the children have all been photographed ready to start their Rainbow Challenges next week. Your child will be collecting different coloured lolly sticks in exchange for completed tasks they are set. Please ask your child about their Rainbow Challenges next week when all will be revealed to them!

 Lots of busy work has been done this week. For those "eagle eyed" grown ups yes we are making Chiristmas cards in September! The Christmas painting will be sent home in a while enabling you the opportunity to have  your child's work made into a printed Christmas card, mug or other choice.

This morning our year 6 buddies visited us in our classroom and we shared our “all about me” books. It was really lovely to see our oldest children in school looking after our youngest children. 



Reception have been observing themselves carefully in the mirrors to create these accurate self portraits. 

After only a week together all our reception children are the best of friends.  We are so proud how they are coming in on their own, finding the correct bag box for their group and practising the skills they are learning in class.  We are all very excited about the year ahead of us!

All our Reception children are together. We are so proud of them and their excellent table manners. Please look in your child’s bag for their 1st week certificate and celebrate their success. 

Reception are settling in wonderfully and making lots of new friends.