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St Mary Magdalen's Catholic Primary School

Let the light of Jesus shine through, in all we think and say and do.


Minibeast hunt

Summer 2 Overview - Buckets and Spades

A Victorian Boarding House

Mrs Monk was a Victorian landlady who welcomed us into her boarding house. There were lots of old pieces of furniture and stuffed animals. We were trained in how to make a proper pot of tea with tea-leaves, tea strainer, sugar tongs and 'one for the pot'. The kettle would have gone on the range to boil - there was no electricity. She let us play with the Victorian toys and we had lots of fun.

Steam Engines

The train driver told us all about steam engines. We saw how coal was lit in the fire box to heat up the water in the boiler. The steam turned the turbine, which moved the connecting rod and made the train go very fast. 

Getting creative on the beach, making driftwood collages

Punch and Judy 

We were screaming with laughter when the sausages were eaten and Mr Punch had to change the baby's nappy. The cheeky monkeys kept surprising us! We learnt the song ' Oh I do like to be beside the seaside' and we even learnt how to waltz.

Victorian's at the seaside

We dressed up as Victorian children. We learnt how the 6 year old children would work in the local cotton mills 6 days a week. For a summer treat they would go on the train to a local seaside resort such as Blackpool or Fleetwood. They wore a lot of clothes to swim in! They would have gone in a funny bathing machine to reach the beach. The penny lick ice creams looked yummy and we all smelt the vanilla pod that would have been a very special treat. A photograph would have taken 3 minutes, that is a very long time to stand still! We 'watched the birdie', looked through viewfinders and looked in a pinhole camera - everything looked upside down! Some of had to change our names to something more Victorian, we had Frank, Sydney, Bob, Victoria, Albert, Robert and David.

Making clay mosaic pictures

Easter Bonnet Parade

Maths Investigations

Summer 1 Overview - Materials 

We love being creative in D.T.

Indoor Athletics

Science Experiments Growing Plants

Spring 2 Overview - The Farm Shop

Explorer D.T. afternoon

Mile a Day

Nature Journals

100 Squares

We are getting to grips with all the numbers on a 100 square. We are thinking about how 35 really means three sets of tens and five ones. We've been counting forwards and backwards in 2's, 5's and 10's. We have been spotting patterns to help us. We found out all tens numbers have a zero in the one's column.

Fun with Drama

Science Survey

We have been carrying out science surveys. We have created tables, collected information, recorded it as tally marks and discussed our results. We found out that there are lots of healthy food we like. The most popular fruit was strawberries.

Look At Us At The Start Of The Year - See how we grow by July !

Autumn 1 Overview The Place Where I Live

Welcome to Year 2

Please take a moment to read the Year 2 welcome letter. It has everything you need to help your child have a successful year.