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St Mary Magdalen's Catholic Primary School

Nurturing hearts and minds

Welcome to Year 2


Mrs Butler - Class Teacher

Mrs Kennedy - Teaching Assistant

Spring Term 


In our RE lessons this half term we have learnt about the different parts of a Mass at the important stages that take place each time. He we are learning about Communion and the significance of it.


After working hard to design and construct our own vehicles, we tested how well they worked using different ramps around the classroom. We the evaluated our vehicles, thinking about what we could or would change if we repeated the task again.


We used role play in our English lessons this week, thinking about what the characters in the Lighthouse Keepers Lunch might say to each other. We they used these ideas to write our own speech bubbles.


We have continued to used our sketching skills to draw pictures of lighthouses. We looked at a variety of photos, sketches and paintings online before creating our own designs. 

World Book Day

We enjoyed a day of activities about the book The Colour Monster.


We have been learning about division this week. We practically worked together dividing our class into different groups of children.  


We have been enjoying Dance sessions in PE this term. We worked with Louise to create a dance all about lighthouses!


We have worked hard this week to identify, name and talk about the properties of a variety of different 3D shapes. 


Autumn Term

In Art lessons we have looked at different landscapes found in Scotland.

We identified different features within the landscapes including mountains, rocks and water.  We then carefully sketched our own versions of our chosen landscapes. 

In PE we have worked hard to carefully improve our ball skills, in particular under arm throwing. We have learnt to throw to targets accurately and have enjoyed playing team games.

Olympic gymnast Daniel Purvis came to school to visit us!

Our whole school had an assembly with him, which was very interesting. We learnt all about how he became a gymnast and how he continues to succeed and stay healthy in his life each day. 

We also completed circuit activities with Daniel, look at the photos below to see us in action!

French Languages Day

Today we enjoyed learning how to pronounce some of our favourite foods in French and also enjoyed taste testing different varieties of delicious croissants from Lunko.

In Geography lessons we have been learning to name and locate the 7 continents and 5 main oceans. We have used maps and globes to help us identify different parts with growing independence. 


In our Maths lessons we have worked very hard learning about the place value of different numbers. 

We have used base ten to identify and create different two digit numbers, used part-whole models to partition numbers and practiced counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.