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St Mary Magdalen's Catholic Primary School

Nurturing hearts and minds

Year 2

Chris the Jump Rope Coach

Happy Easter Everyone!

Easter Bonnets and Parade

Titanic Experience Day

Today the children got an opportunity to experience what life would have been like for the passengers on board the Titanic.

We thought about the differences for each class and think about some of the work that would have been done on board as well. 
1st class was all about fancy tea cups, biscuits and a string quartet.
2nd class was still good but involved slightly less fancy food and some nice activities too. 
3rd class was all about cramped conditions and we even thought about the workers who would have been cleaning and doing all of the manual jobs. 

Class Assembly 

DT Day

Fire Safety Talk

Toy Workshop

Micro-Habitat Hunt

Christmas Fun with Phil

History Walk to the Local Work House