School Trip to Leighton Hall

Climbing and Archery

Science Investigation

We investigated whether longer legs always jump further. We found that they don't!

Sports Day

Euro Dress Up Day

We had such a fun day celebrating our countries: Russia, Belgium, Finland and Denmark. We shared all the facts we had learnt. 

Euros Challenge!
The children had a great time today and rose magnificently to the challenge.
Congratulations go to Russia who won 1st place in the Year 2 competition.

Science Investigation

After listening to Discovery Dog and his puppy niece Naughty Nora tell us about their problems with snails, we decided to plan a science investigation to help them out. Armed with clipboards, pencils, magnifying glasses and Mrs Briscoe's plant app we explored the garden looking for evidence of snail damage. After combining our tally charts we discovered that the snails preferred to eat our Blackcurrant Bush the most. I have passed the information on to Discovery Dog and Nora so they can plant a bush to prevent their snails eating their other plants! 

Summer 2 Overview - Making maps

Year 2 Game on!

Congratulations Crispin!

Watch Our Zumba Performance

Maasai Tribe Necklaces

We studied L.S.Lowry and did some printing in his style.

Sports Taster Day - Year 2 tried their hand at curling and dodge ball today.

Here we are giving instructions to each other using bossy verbs.

Summer 1 Overview

Due to lockdown we changed the order of some of the topics we taught to facilitate home learning. This overview is what we will now cover in Summer 1 after the Easter Holiday. Some areas of maths are being revisited to help children be prepared for entering Year 3.

Den Building

Making Puppets

Big Gymnastics Equipment

What a great time the children had investigating dark, damp places to find bugs. We then took the time to watch them crawling around before letting them loose again.

Year 2

Due to Lockdown and schools currently being closed to most pupils, curriculum provision has been adapted to suit remote learning.  Each week, class teachers produce an overview to inform parents directly about the curriculum and resources for the week ahead and this mirrors what the pupils in school are covering.

School Games Event

Y2 Sports Hall Athletics

School Games Events

Year 2 Orienteering

European Sports Day 2020


Year 2 have had a great time celebrating European Sports Day. Look through the class photographs to see what they have been up to as they meet the challenge to be healthy and happy.

Autumn 1 - Families Now and Then Overview

Welcome to Year Two