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St Mary Magdalen's Catholic Primary School

Nurturing hearts and minds


PE Days 

Monday - Swimming

Thursday - Sports with Phil


Blackpool Zoo

We had a fantastic day at the zoo - just look at all the smiling faces!

Retreat Day in Formby

The children enjoyed a lovely day on Tuesday at St Joseph's Prayer Centre in Formby.  We learned about the Miraculous Medal and all the children received their own blessed medal to keep.  After lunch we went for a walk around the grounds and onto the sand dunes.  The children were all amazing and a credit to our school.



Roman Day

We have had a fantastic Roman Day experience - consolidating our History and Geography learning and looking at lots of artefacts.

Science - Forces and Magnets

We have been looking at forces during science today and have been able to identify the different types.  The children came up with different push and pull forces.  We had to guess what they were and say if it was a push or pull.

First Holy Communion

Science - Light and Shadows


The children were fantastic and loved learning some new football skills.

Jump Rope

The children had a great time learning new skipping skills and tricks.

Design Technology - Food

The children have been preparing their own version of a Lancashire Hotpot.

show Case Assembly

.science - Light


We have learned that dark is the absence of light, light sources are not always what we think and we need light to see.

We have used feely bags to describe what is in the bag in the dark, sorted cards into light sources and not light sources and finally had a look at what we could see in a dark cupboard.



As part of our well-being we have been able to take part in a lovely relaxing Yoga session.

Please follow this link to practise your timestables


Multiplication Tables Check - 2023 - Timestables.co.uk



Science - Sound

During our topic on Sound we learned about how vibrations cause sounds and how sounds travel, as well as how sounds can change pitch and loudness. We found out how sounds are made and carried out demonstrations of vibrations. The children worked in a hands-on way to explore pitch, and used their understanding of how high and low sounds are made to create their own set of pan pipes. Part of their homework was to create their own musical instrument.  Please see the different creations below.


Our animal pictures based on Andy Goldsworthy

This is what we will be learning during Autumn half term 2

PE Days for Autumn 1 will be:

Tuesday - Dance

Thursday - Sports with Phil

Our electronic DT times tables games

Acting out our logical explanations in Literacy

Making electrical circuits in science

Autumn Half Term 1 - we will be learning...