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  • Y2 - Noah has been busy
    Noah has been very active over lockdown with daily Joe Wickes, cycling, football in the garden, basket ball, table tennis, tennis, gardening and making his own Ninja warrior course.
  • Thank you
    A lovely end to kindness week.
  • Weather experiments with Year 1
    After studying the weather and using the Met Office website, Year 1 have been carrying their own weather experiments at home.
  • Luke's Map
    He has included labels and a compass so he can find his way around the island.
  • Zac's Map
    Y2 have been thinking about compass points and mapping skills. Look at Zac's treasure map, he has even managed to give it an 'aged' look. Has has also written a short pirate story and read some books about them. I wonder if he found the gold...
  • Ethan's new skills
    Ethan has been trying some new sports. Last week he tried mountain biking and this week he had tried a round of golf (all carefully socially distanced of course!)
  • DJ LilyB
    Lily in Y2 made pretend music decks from polystyrene packaging. They then had a family band. It looks like great fun.
  • Tricky spellings
    Wow, we look forward to seeing all these words in your writing work Lily! Keep up the good work.
  • Y2 - The Holy Spirit
    Faye has drawn a lovely picture about this.
  • Year 3 Iron Man Recipes
    Please find some more tasty recipes for the Iron Man on our class pages.
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