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St Mary Magdalen's Catholic Primary School

Let the light of Jesus shine through, in all we think and say and do.

Our Roman morning

More Roman fun

Learning how to play Rota, making our playing pieces and game boards

Our Roman adventure continued today - learning to play Rota and other outdoor games.

Our Art afternoon at all hallows

More Roman Tiles photos

In class we have been learning about the different features of playscripts and have transformed some of our writing into mini scripts.

Training to be a Roman Soldier

Summer Half Term 2 Curriculum Overview

Year 3 End of Topic RE Celebration - Pentecost.

Spring Half Term 2 Curriculum Overview

Spring Half Term 1 Curriculum Overview

Ho,ho,ho! Santa's Sandwich Snacks, here we go!

Anti-bullying week!

Welcome to Year 3

Our Scoot Safe Session

Scoot safe made us think today, 

Of when we're out and about at play.

We've to wear bright clothing, so we can be seen,

And show consideration to others, and not be mean!

We'd a great time scooting up and down the yard,

But some of the challenges made us work really hard!

Scooting Learning

Autumn Half Term 2 Curriculum Overview

Alien shadows

Fun in the sun to create alien shadows. 

Symmetrical pictures

We've done a great job of making these faces symmetrical. Which one is your favourite?

orienteering fun

Running around  in threes and twos,

We'd to work really hard to find the clues!

The sneaky four hid them all over the place,

At the end of the task we were red in the face!

Lots of fun and clues to share,

This was a lesson in the fresh air!

Investigating Shadows

PE in Year 3!

Limbering up for Gymnastics! Wow we can bend and roll really well!

Shaping Up!

Exploring shapes and angles at the start of the term.

Beginning to learn about how computers work.

Exploring how computers work without computers!

Year 3 

Autumn Half Term 1 Curriculum Overview