Year 5 put their First Holy Communion outfits on again to go to Mass. Fr. Roy was very impressed with them during Mass and some of their responses were beautiful. 

Euros Challenge!
The children had a great time today and rose magnificently to the challenge.
Congratulations go to Sweden who won 1st place in the Year 5 competition.

Year 5 - Game on!

Congratulations Dominic!

We investigatied our school tress by measuring the trunk width and taking bark rubbings, as well as drawing the leaves.

We have also planted lots of vegetables which we had growing in the greenhouse.

Watch our video of den building and decorations for the garden  

Year 5

Sports Taster Day - Year 5 tried their hand at 'Ultimate Frisbee' today.

Due to Lockdown and schools currently being closed to most pupils, curriculum provision has been adapted to suit remote learning.  Each week, class teachers produce an overview to inform parents directly about the curriculum and resources for the week ahead and this mirrors what the pupils in school are covering.

Welcome to Year 5 

School Games Event

Y5 Sports Hall Athletics

To end our topic, we made our very own Olympic Mascots.

School Games Event

Year 5 Orienteering

European Sports Day 2020


Year 5 had a great time trying out different activities to help them develop a healthy body and a healthy mind.