Year 1

Year 1 celebrated Palm Sunday by acting out the story to celebrate this holy day.

Year 1 had a great time practising their cricket skills with our school cricket coach on Monday.

As a class we have been learning how to follow instructions. We followed a number of instructions to plant cress seeds. 

This time we followed the instructions and made salt dough so that we could make creatures to hide in the


Year 1 have been taking advantage of the great outdoors and have created some fabulous art work which is now being displayed in our wildlife garden. 

Due to Lockdown and schools currently being closed to most pupils, curriculum provision has been adapted to suit remote learning.  Each week, class teachers produce an overview to inform parents directly about the curriculum and resources for the week ahead and this mirrors what the pupils in school are covering.

Keep dancing!

World Book Day 

Glitter Jars

Poppy dressed up as Matilda.

Here is Henry with his favourite book.

As part of our RE lesson we looked at special meals and the people we have them with. Here are some of our children's special meals.

The children were set the challenge to create numbers using Lego, blocks or counters to solve number problems.

Teddys, toys, and animals!

My Favourite Toy

Our science work was to make a water gauge.

Year 1 has been doing lots of numeracy work, just look at how well they are doing.

Take a look at some of the sea creatures we've been researching. We've also been looking at a little fish called Stanley.

Angus used pasta to make his lion's head - what a brilliant idea!

Here are a few more lions that our children at home have made.

The children have completed their work about Kenya by using their skills to make a lion's head.

Look at our wonderful work here.

Do you want to know what to wear when it is raining, or when the sun is shining? Look no further as some of Year 1 are here to help you!

We have been looking at different animals this week. Here are some of our favourite animals.

Liz has been working so hard on her handwriting. Look at how all of her letters are on the line.

Just look at this wonderful giraffe Amelia has made, it's fantastic!

Here are some more African necklaces that we have made at home.

We have made African necklaces.

Ranulph is a fantastic artist. Just look at his work on the Highway Rat!

Annabel has added sticks to her African masks. What a great idea, your masks look amazing Annabel!

Henry has produced a brilliant piece of work on the Highway Rat. Here is his list of all the food the Highway Rat stole from the animals. Well done Henry!

Last week we learnt about the Highway Rat. Year 1 produced some fabulous work all about him and some of the things he got up to.

During our Geography lessons we have been looking at Kenya so for our Art lesson we have coloured in African masks.

Just look at the delicious breakfasts Year 1 have created. Which one would you choose?

Weather Charts

The children took advantage of the snowy weather today and did their Science work outdoors, filming the weather forecast.

Well done Poppy and Ranulph.

The children are trying really hard with their phonics work.

These are some of the ideas our children had for what they wanted in a pet.

The children had to pick two seasons and dress the boy and girl correctly. We think they have done very well!

Who would like to live in a house like this?

Here is some of our numeracy work from the last week.

Just look at some of our beautiful sea creatures!

Here is some of our work on 'Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy.'

The children have been learning about Kenya. Here are some pictures of the Kenyan flag and some of the animals you might find there.

After reading Little Red Riding Hood the children designed a house for her grandma.

Here are some of the birds we painted on Purple Mash. We had to follow instructions to know what colours to use and where to use them.

Our lovely painted elephants

School Games Event

Y1 Sports Hall Athletics

Christmas Dinner

Year 1 had a great time today eating their Christmas Dinner with their friends. They were singing, dancing, pulling crackers, telling jokes and eating lots and lots of delicious Christmas food.

Another great day!

Christmas Barbecue

Year 1 had their Christmas Barbecue today. They had a fabulous time eating hot dogs, toasting marshmallows and singing Christmas songs around the campfire. We hope you enjoy looking at our photos as much as we enjoyed our  Christmas barbecue.

Orienteering in Year 1

Subtraction using a Number Line

Dragon Dance

Maths- Addition

History- Timelines

Practical Maths Activities 

The children have been working to improve their knowledge of the number system. This week we have looked at working out 1 more or 1 less.

European Sports Day 2020


Year 1 had a great time learning to dance and enjoying a woodland walk to help them keep fit and healthy.

Having Fun in Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Welcome Letter

Autumn 1 - Penguins.Possums and Pigs