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St Mary Magdalen's Catholic Primary School

Nurturing hearts and minds

Year 1


Another busy week in Year 1. Here are some of the things that we have been doing.

Maths - writing numbers using words.

English - reading and writing about the story Dogger.

Phonics - practising 'a super segment and a brilliant blend, helps us hear the word at the end'.

Computers - practising using our mouse skills and logging on and off the computer.

PE - rolling different equipment through a goal.

A week in Year 1

In our second week we have been getting used to the class routines that we have in Year 1 during our English, Maths and PE lessons. The children have enjoyed developing their independence as they carry out their tasks.

A wonderful day at Blackpool Zoo.

Computers - We have developed our skills using the Paint programme to create a map of the Year 2 classroom.

Sports Day 2023

What a sporting week it's been. We enjoyed fun in the sun trying out new activities and racing against our class mates. Well done Year 1 for always trying your very best!


We completed our computer work by designing our own piece of art work using the paint program and choosing our favourite tools to make the picture.


Working with numbers up to 100.

Dance from the Heart 

Year 1 joined in with all of the other classes, staff and dance leaders from South Ribble to celebrate this year's event.


3D drawings

English - Designing a poster to encourage pupils to look after our environment.

Maths - Finding a quarter of an amount.

PE - Throwing underarm.

The children said:

Today we had to throw a beanbag into a hoop accurately. We had to throw underarm.

We threw a ball to a partner. We have to throw it slowly and point to where we want it to go.

Maths - halving objects and amounts.

Computers - using ICT skills to create pictures in the style of Kandinsky.


Acrostic poems - Lytham long ago

Environmental Guardians


Practising creating sculptures with play dough

Here are our acrostic poems about the seaside. They are brilliant!


We can name the capital cities of the United Kingdom, name local seaside towns and we can find the places on a map.


We used a new program called Paint 3D to practise using different tools and to draw a self - portrait.

We are starting to learn about multiplication and have been making arrays, arranging objects into rows of equal amounts and recording the addition sum.

Football Event

Environmental Guardians 

Chris the Jump Rope Coach

Happy Easter Everyone!

Easter Hats

Eater Parade

Celebration Assembly - Change

PE - Dance

Today we continued our dance work but this time we danced with our partners and created our own routine.

Easter Bingo Winners

PE - Dance

The children have worked so hard each week with Louise to create and perfect their dance this term. We hope that you enjoy the clips and photos just as much as we did.

The children were absolutely fabulous!!


The children have started learning about newpaper reports, so they started by being reporters! The children had to watch a clip about a tiger who had to visit the vets to have teeth removed. After watching the article the children wrote down their story ideas.


To celebrate the end of our RE topic, Meals we went to the Prayer Garden on a beautiful sunny day and shared snack together. We looked back at our work and shared the things that we have remembered. 

We have been learning the Lord's Prayer, the Our Father and have been learning the words that are said during Mass when the priest blesses the bread and wine.

PE - Dance

Today Louise began teaching us our new dance. Continuing our work about London we are dancing to the song 'supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' from the film, Mary Poppins.

It was only week one and the children were brilliant at remembering the sequence of moves and moving in time to the music.

Maths - Measuring

The children have been using non - standards measurements to measure items in the classroom. They have been using blocks to measure tall and short objects.

The Queen's Hat

We have started our new topic this week. We have been reading the story The Queen's Hat and today the children made a word mat writing down the London landmarks from the story.

PE - Dance

Today the children performed a dance to re- tell the story The Queen's Hat.


This week the children have been using their skills to create an ebook.

We started by creating a character for our story.

PE Fun

Design Technology

Making zoo enclosures


In gymnastics we have been travelling and balancing in different ways to create a sequence. 


Place Value - Tens and ones


We wrote our postcards about a visit to Penwortham


The children enjoyed reading our topic books

Maths - Number bonds to 10 and 20

English - The Train Ride

My Home

The children worked in groups to draw pictures of their homes, where the live and the homes that they would like to live in. Whilst they were drawing they talked about the favourite part of their home and the area where they live.

Walk to the River Ribble

Christmas Fun with Phil

Christmas Dinner

Family Christmas Crafts

RE - Islam

The children enjoyed listening to the story of Muhammad and the dates.

After hearing the story the children tried some dates and they absolutely love them!

Don't be surprised if your child asks you to add dates to your shopping list.


Learning about 2D and 3D shapes.

Wellbeing Week



Rise and Shine

Andy Goldsworthy inspired art work.

On Bonfire Night

This week we finished our topic 'On Bonfire Night'. The children have been having fun enjoying lots of different activities. They have been learning and acting out the Bonfire Night Poem and they have made their own poem too. 


Writing word with an 'ur' sound.

On Tuesday we went to the school field. We are starting our new topic 'A Trip to the Woods'.

Practising our pencil roll or as we called it, our carrot roll,to avoid Evil Pea!