Harry made his own fruit kebab.

Alfie and Louis made their own fruit kebabs. Can you name the fruits that they used?

Eve and Darcey made their own Easter hat.

Watch Harry's video to find out what he's been up to during lockdown.

Austin has been finding out what makes the best packaging.

Our Maths work has been all about sharing things out equally. In the juniors they call it division.

Goldilocks is in trouble. Can you help find her?

Here are our newspaper reports.


Charlie Hunter has been learning about Martin Luther King.

Ava made breakfast. How delicious does her porridge look!

Harry's rainbow experiment.

This week Year 1 have been studying traditional tales. They have been using their literacy skills to make lists, using their maths skills to weigh out the ingredients and using their muscles to mix and roll the dough!

Here are the children with their delicious gingerbread.

Charlie Pays






Here are some of the children with their work.

Ava Smith







We have been learning about capacity in Maths.

Anna and Eva



Year 1 have been practising their writing, using the word 'and' to join sentences together.

Edith's sentences.

Indie's sentences.

Thomas' sentences.

Harry's sentences.

Ava Smiths' sentences.

Abigail's sentences.

Look at Austin's weather experiments!

Watch Thomas and his terrific tornado experiment.

Indie painted her pictures of the seasons.

 Abigail painted her picture of the seasons.

Indie singing her song about her pet.

Here are Anna and Eva with their work.

Enjoy watching Ava sing her song.

Here are Anna and Eva singing their pet song...

Here is Harry singing his song.

Join in with Lilyah's song as she sings about her pets.

Indie sent her RE work celebrating the gift of the Holy Spirit. 

Edith rose to the DT challenge and made a candy cane bridge.

Ava's brilliant bridge.

Edith and her family have been having fun in the garden helping Daddy. They toasted marshmallows too!

Tuesday's weather presented by Nyla.

Lilyah displaying her skills as a local weather forecaster.

To celebrate VE day, Orla, Edith & Ivy had a camping weekend in the garden! They pretended to be on holiday, created their own menus and restaurants and enjoyed having a hot chocolate and ice cream shop!

Indie wrote about 'The Scarecrow's Wedding'.

Ava has been a very busy bee.

Thomas has been making banana bread at home. He measured out the ingredients and mixed them together well before baking it in the oven. Thomas wanted us all to know that it tasted amazing! 

Welcome to Year 1 Indie.

Abigail's work about her avatar.

Harry has been playing with Lego, playing shop and getting messy with paints.

Alfie and Louis have been busy working with Mum.

Nyla has been growing a sweat pea. Look how big it's grown.

Just look how busy Abigail has been!

Enjoy watching Anna and Eva as they complete their amazing garden obstacle course in record time.

Jacub has built a bird house, painted a table and chairs, made a cake and has grown 9 sunflowers from seed!

Fabulous work Jacub!

Lilyah has been a very busy girl...

This is the great Easter work Thomas sent in. I hope you like reading it. 

Eva sent in her super Easter work!

Here's Anna with her lovely Easter work!

Ava Smith sent in her beautiful Easter work!

Here's Charlie with his Easter work. He made a palm to celebrate Palm Sunday.

Lilyah sent in her brilliant Eater work!

Harry sent in his Easter work and a photo of himself in his fabulous Easter hat!

World Book Day

Bring Yer Wellies

Year One had lots of fun finding the pirate on our school trip.

Year 1 Make Clay Penguins

The children have been developing their skills using clay to mould and make the penguin from the story Lost and Found. We hope you enjoy looking at our pictures to see how our work developed into fabulous painted penguins ready for display.

Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers

The children have been studying this story during our Literacy work. They have really enjoyed themselves reading, writing, describing and acting out all of the events. Please take a look at our fabulous work.

Marvellous Mathematicians!

Year 1 have been having lots of fun with their maths work this week. They have been playing games, counting to 100, reading numbers and have been learning the place value of numbers beyond 20.

RE - Families

We have been finding out about our families and the people who take care of us.

Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Welcome Letter

Autumn 1 - Penguins.Possums and Pigs