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St Mary Magdalen's Catholic Primary School

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Applications for a place at our school are now done online at Lancashire County Council

You will also need to fill in a supplementary form which must be returned to school.  This helps the governors to rank the applications that LCC send through to us according to our admissions criteria. This can be read here in our Admissions Policy.


Admission Policy 2017


Admission Policy 2018




Frequently asked questions


Does a school know whether parents have put the school down as first second or third choice?

No we don't.  We are sent a list of all names that have us on their list somewhere and rank them according to our criteria. After the whole process is finished we are given numbers but not names of parents expressing us as first choice.


What happens to that ranked list?

That gets sent back to the admission team who try their best to give all parents their first choice. 


My child is baptised Catholic but we do not live in the parish of St Mary Magdalen's . Is it possible that we could get a place?

Yes it is although the further away you live the more reduced your chances become.  Much depends on the birth rate for that year.  All the children living in the parish, plus siblings of children already at school who live outside would be higher up than you. Our advice: Put us down by all means but have a strong second and third choice too.


My child is not baptised Catholic, could they attend your school?

Unless your child is a Looked After child or are previously Looked After it is very unlikely at the start of Reception Class. (Look After means have been in Social Care.)

It is possible that your child may be older than Reception and we may have had a child leave, creating a space in that year group.  In that instance the first person to request a place would get it, Catholic or not. Hence we do have a couple of non Catholic children in school.


Where are the boundaries of St Mary Magdalen's parish?

The highlights mark the edge of the parish boundary.