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St Mary Magdalen's Catholic Primary School

Let the light of Jesus shine through, in all we think and say and do.

Welcome to Year 3

Year 3's Educational Visit to 'Meet the Romans'


Year 3 were in for a treat,

As off to Lancaster, for a Roman to meet.

Marcus the Roman was brave and bold,

There were lots of stories that he told.

A soldier's life was not easy,

And some of their food made us feel queasy!

We learnt a lot more and time flew by,

So it was back to Preston, and to Lancaster, Goodbye!

A Roman Encounter!



Mr. Kenwright joined us for the day and we constructed bridges.

We used a variety of tools and learnt some new skills.

We were thrilled with our bridges and loved crossing the bridge in class.

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Year R recently were given a treat,

As the Iron Man they were able to meet.

We'd planned and written, drawn and rehearsed,

And to tell this story , we were well versed!

Our books looked great, they were the best,

We could only stop, when we'd passed 'The AinscoughTest!'

Sharing our work with others was a pleasure,

This experience we will all treasure.

The smiles on our faces tell of our joys,

There were lots of happy girls and boys!

Sharing our Iron Man books with Year R!

Year 3 have been getting their hands on Crumbles, LEDs, crocodile clips, USB leads, battery packs and sparkles.

Following instructions we have connected the bits together and written algorithms to make our LEDs and sparkles light up and flash! A great time was had by all and James said, "This was the best lesson in Year 3!"

Year 3 Beginning to Crumble!

Year 3 Celebration Assembly - Giving All

Summer Half Term 1 Curriculum Overview

Sports Relief 2018

Helping others and having fun,

This today is what we've done.

Running and cycling,

Throwing and catching,

Skipping and kicking,

And laughing and watching!

We all agreed that we'd had a right good time,

We were huffing and puffing and that's a good sign.

Exercise is good for your body and mind,

Give it a go, and see what you find!

sports relief 2018

 Our Yoga session went well. At the end we were all flat out and relaxed!

Yoga Time!

Science experiments from our topics. Lots of investigating, experimenting and discussion going on.

Our scientists of the future!

Science in Action

Well done to  Thomas, Matthew, Isaac, Conor, Konya, Alice, Jessica and Jessica our Year 3&4  Mini Tennis Team members, who played their  best at the South Ribble Tennis Centre today.

The A Team won 10/12 matches and have gone through to the next round on Wednesday 18th April. The B Team won 6/12 matches and were up against some stiff competition. 

Anyone for Tennis?

Spring Half Term 2 Curriculum Overview

Building Stonehenge needed teamwork, communication and co-operation to get the job done, along with some careful planning and thinking.

Stonehenge Replicas

Stone Age Art and Craft work had us drawing in charcoal and chalk. 

We copied and smudged to get an authentic result. We also constructed Stone Age huts out of paper. 

A big display can be seen down the corridor.

Call in for a look.


Prehistoric Art!

Hands on maths!

In class, we are learning how to play the Glockenspiel.  We are having fun learning each new note.  We already know how to play Easy E and Strictly D.  Some of the music is quite fast so we really have to concentrate!

Spring Half Term 1 Curriculum Overview

A snippet of our French lesson with Mrs Costello

Year 3 were very excited to receive a letter from Buckingham Palace, thanking them for sending 70th Anniversary wishes to the Queen and Prince Philip.

Ho, ho, ho! Santa's Snacks are ready to go!

Me and my shadow! In the style of Picasso!

Our silhouettes were used as a start for our art. We also used them to make optical illusions. Guess who's who!

Year3's card for The Queen and Prince Philip.


Artefacts from relatives,

 Present and past.

Recognising their sacrifice,

And making it last!


Letting the light shine through our work!

Light and shadows  were such fun,

There were lots of experiments to be done.

Shining torches up and down,

Caused different sized shadows to be found.

Blocking the light and watching our eyes,

"Wow that's amazing!" were our cries!



Guess Who?

We used our shadow as a starting point for our Art.

We've titled it, 'Me and my shadow, In the style of Picasso!'

Pop in and see what we did in Year 3.



Year 3  were fortunate in being able to have  Cricket coaching sessions from Mark Cookson for a full half term.

We batted and balled, ran and caught.

Cricket is fun, we all thought.

Playing as a team and working together.

We were lucky with  very fine weather.

Thanks to Mark we have improved our technique,

We now wonder what's in-store for us next week!

Data Handling in Maths

Shaping up with Maths

Orienteering in the Autumn Term

Running around and finding treasure,

Gave us all lots of pleasure.

Phil hid it well, but we found it all,

It ranged from cones to cricket balls.

When our time came to hide it too,

We knew what we had to do.

We hid it in the garden,

We hid it under leaves.

We hid it round the climbing frame,

And we hid it in the trees.

Year 3 

Autumn Half Term 1 Curriculum Overview