What a wonderful first day we had at preschool, we enjoyed our first story sack, Commotion in the ocean, looking at animals which live on the land and in the water. We went for a play down in the garden which all the children enjoyed. I am sure our preschool will settle into our fantastic school community. 

Our final day at preschool, we watched reception class present a show of all the amazing things they have learnt this year, I'm sure preschool cannot wait till September. 

We spent all our time outside in the glourious sunshine today, we talked about the importance of wheels, building with lego and geting the balance bike out. 

Each week we have seen how the caterpillars have changed, this week we worked with reception class and released the butterflies in the school garden, the butterflies sat for a long time on our flowers, we got to have a good look at them. 

Our story today was little red riding hood, we looked at how kind she was looking after grandma and the kind things we do for our grandma's. Just like red taking food we made our own cheese and ham sandwiches, making a list of all the things we would need. We then got to eat them in the garden. 

We read all about wizards this week, making a list of interesting items to go in our couldren, to make our spells work we needed wands, great wizard work pre school. 

This week's story was all about counting to 10, we working in the garden finding numbers andd matching the correct amout of stones to the numbers. The children did some great work, they will be so amazing in their year R class. 

Today we spent some time in the reception class. Getting ready for our new start in September, we practice a few sports day games, a couple of our chicks had returned for a special visit just for pre school. 

We have some new arrivals here in school, we had a guess at what might be hatching from our eggs, Fingers crossed we will find out on our return to school. 

Our stories this week all rhymed, monkey puzzle had lost his mum, and butterfly helped him, the children had a try at finger painting a symmetrical butterfly, one or two children didn't like the finger paints. We are not back now until Monday 29th April 2019

Have a lovely Easter. 

We had a great morning in the garden, searching for hidden numbers and mathing them to the correct amaount of spots, we played on the equipment, and used letters to make our name sounds. We then had a go at hop scotch, great hopping preschool. 

New start time from now on. We start at 9.00am. 


The children are busy working on farm pictures from this week's story book, We also had a visit from the present year R. 

Our jungle book story helped us think of ideas for our painting, the children mixed paints to investigae diffrent colours. We then went and did some monkey climbing on the outdoor equipment, some brilliant climbing from the children. Last week the whole school celebrated world book day, the children are binging home books which they can keep. 

Here are the children with our little Miss Muffet spiders, we also had a chat about pancake day, and the start of lent. Last week we worked on a group picture linked to Rumble in the jungle, and looked at which animals need to go on land, in the sea or up in the air. 

This week we read Preposterous Rhinoceros, we make a story sequence, and looked at how we give our code a pillar instructions. 

Our disgusting sandwiches went down a treat, although the children don't fancy the idea of eating badgers slugs. Great cutting out by the children today. 

This week preschool were reading a book about transport, we had a go on the balance bikes, great riding by all the children.

We read some nursery rhymes this week, and made ourselves and rowing boat to sit and sing in, we payed some counting games and made 3 little pigs houses. Well done everyone on finding their names this week. 

We are now introducing the children to their names and encouraging them to find their name cards. We are looking at the sounds and letter shapes in their names, and we played games to remember our friends names. We drew some pictures of our favourite Christmas presents. 

This week the children used the school library, and had a great time looking through books. We made some interesting snowmen pictures, as well as decorated our Christmas biscuits, and sent home our Christmas cards we made last week. Jenni and I hope you all have a great Christmas, we will see you on the 7th January 2019. 

This week we did some number work, using the dice, we started making our angel Christmas cards, with messy finger paint. We also got to visit the school library. 

This week the children decorated the school Christmas tree ready for the school fair on Wednesday, it would be great to see the children on the evening. We read using my words and the story of the nativity. 

We had a read of scaredy boo, a monster who was scared of everything, but found a friend to help me, we made monster faces, we also played some number finding games this week  

This week we read the book giraffes can't dance, we made musical instruments and danced in the garden.

Pre school sessions 

Please note that sessions now run from 9am-11am-not as detailed below...