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St Mary Magdalen's Catholic Primary School

Let the light of Jesus shine through, in all we think and say and do.



Mrs Gallagher


Mrs Woosey

Deputy Headteacher

Year 3 Class teacher

Mrs Briscoe

Senior Leader

Year 2 Class teacher

Mrs Costello

Special Needs Coordinator

Mrs Day

Year 1 Class teacher

Miss McNulty

Year 1 Class teacher

Mrs Edmondson

Year 1 Class teacher

Mrs Wallace

Year 4 Class teacher

Miss Brooker

Senior Leader

Year 6 Class teacher


Mrs P Atkinson

Year 6 Class teacher

Mr D Hughes

Year 5 Class teacher

Mrs Clemo

Pupil and Family Support Worker and Higher level teaching assistant

Mrs Nolan Williams

Year 1 TA

Mrs Wells Earp

Reception and Year 1 Class TA and

Children's Club Manager

Mrs Di Franco

Reception Class TA and Gymnastics Coach

Mrs Hibbert

Reception TA

Mrs Marshall

Year 2 TA

Mrs Swanson

Year 2 TA

Mrs Elsdon

Year 2 TA and Lunchtime assistant

Mrs Kennedy

Behaviour Support Assistant

Mrs Pickup

Year 3 TA

Mrs Henry

Year 4 TA and Lunchtime manager

Mrs Jolley

Year 6 TA

Mrs Leung

Year 5 TA

Mrs Bennett

Office Manager

Mrs Johnson

Office Assistant

Mr Bond

Site supervisor

Mrs Portelli-Micallef


Mrs Wadsworth

Lunchtime assistant

Mrs Tailor

Lunchtime assistant


Lunchtime assistant

Mrs Gallagher

Lunchtime assistant


Mrs Hogarth

Lunchtime assistant

Jenni Robinson

ASC Assistant

 Phil Cain

Sports Coach

 Mrs Galea

Guitar and Ukulele teacher

Janette Wallis

Behaviour Consultant

Mrs Pill


Mrs Neary

Assistant Cook