There will be set routines for homework in each class.  You will find information about those on your child's class pages. We subscribe to a maths interactive site called Sumdog which the children love. This enables the children to progress at the correct speed, challenging when children find things straightforward and giving additional support where needed.  the class teachers monitor the children's progress on Sumdog. You child should have a user name and password card.  If they have not got it please ask for a new one from the class teacher.


The children can also have fun learning ICT, budgeting and planning by having a team in our Schools Fantasy League. Set up is easy so join in and have some fun. (Parents an have a team too!)


Schools' Fantasy League


Below are links to many other useful websites:


Key Stage 1


BBC Bitesize


Spaceship English


Pirate Spelling


Words and Pictures


Key Stage 2 English


Spelling with the Spellits


Grammar Activities


Speech Marks


Key Stage 2 Maths


Skillswise Fractions


Ambleweb division machine


BBC Comparing numbers




Virtual Shopping




This is an American site that has some excellent maths resources arranged by age group so that you can choose work to support, engage and extend children in different areas of the mathematics curriculum.  The site is bright, colourful and animated. 


This is an excellent resource for practising rapid recall of number facts such as doubles, halves, number bonds and times tables.

http://www.echalk.co.uk/Maths/PrimaryNationalStrategy_Yr6/DfES-MathsActivitiesforyear6/index.html This is an excellent website for children in Year 5 and 6.  Interactive games to sharpen up your skills for SATs but some activities are against the clock so you will need to think fast!


This is another site designed for 10 and 11 year olds.  It provides interactive tests with transcripts of the questions along with the answers. The questions are read out and marked. Aimed at 10 and 11 year olds, these tests are good revision for SATs.


This is an excellent resource for ordering numbers.  You can order whole numbers, fractions, times, decimals and measures.  Good for building mental maths skills in different contexts.


Ever fancied running a football club?  Then this is the site for you!  Written especially for Year 5 pupils (9 to 10 years) these P.S.H.E resources for teachers have literacy and numeracy activities in the context of a football club for young people. It looks also at food, exercise and drug awareness.  Very motivating, particularly for boys!


Are you up to the challenge? Most of the keys have fallen off Eric's calculator. See if you can work out the numbers with the remaining keys. A classic problem solving game.


This website is a series of interactive activities to help support the National Numeracy Strategy for Year 2 and Year 5. There are instructions, planning sheets, teacher notes and downloadable sheets to support the resource. The activities are engaging, they are bright, colourful and animated.  A super site!


One for the youngsters!  Great maths games for children from 5 - 7 years of age on this Internet maths magazine.  Games like The ‘less than’ lake and the ‘more than’marsh.  Hours of fun to be had while practising maths skills.


  It is just a good fun way to learn about how shapes tessellate! 


This is a maths sites for sport enthusiasts.  It provides a range of activities based on the theme of an athletics event where you need to order numbers, times and distances.

http://www.bgfl.org/bgfl/custom/resources_ftp/client_ftp/ks2/maths/perimeter_and_area/index.html Designed for years 5 and 6 children these 'booster' games are fun and provide practice in calculating the area and perimeter of rectangles and compound shapes made up of rectangles.


Warning!  This activity is highly addictive!  Tran Towers provides a mathematical quest where more able primary aged pupils need to work out investigations. The site loads quite quickly and you can work offline.


How good are you at estimating or measuring angles? Try this game and test your skills.


Ed the owl explains what multiples are and then you can try his quiz which will test your knowledge of multiples.  For children in upper key stage two.


The wonderful Fraction Monkeys!  Test your knowledge of equivalent fractions in this game by hanging fraction cards on a number line.


You are running an ice cream van for two days. See how many ice creams you can sell and if you can make a profit. A good problem solving activity.  Complete with cheesy music!  This is maths made fun.  You have to choose where to park your van for the day and then try to sell enough ice cream to make a profit.  Fabulous!