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St Mary Magdalen's Catholic Primary School

Let the light of Jesus shine through, in all we think and say and do.


St Mary Magdalen’s is a highly successful, over-subscribed Catholic primary school. We produce children who are caring, skilled and confident with an enthusiasm for learning that sets them up for life. We pride ourselves in producing consistently high attaining children who have had opportunities to be taught by wonderful teachers, learn across a wide ranging and rich curriculum, perform on a big stage, learn two instruments, discover the delights of new technologies, play and compete in a wide range of sports, take part in national quiz competitions and discover skills in widely varied range of clubs.

Staff, Governors, Pupils and Parents are extremely proud of the school and all work hard to ensure its continued success. Our school is a happy one and one in which we all appreciate and value each other.  Respect is taught and shown to the pupils and they respect the staff and each other. We know all of our children extremely well and we showcase each child’s strengths and help them with their challenges in an atmosphere that is safe, secure and non-judgemental.

We have an annual Open Day in September but if you would like to come and look around at other times  of the year please ring school to make an appointment. I look forward to meeting you.

Mrs Diane Gallagher



Each July I publish an annual report to parents which summarises the life and achievements of the school in that academic year: